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DevOps – CI/CD


DevOps / CI/CD

Adopting DevOps is essential for organizations implementing Salesforce to maintain system integrity and eliminate costly bugs in production. DevOps has revolutionized the way we do development by reducing development cycles and promoting more frequent code releases. Eventually, it has helped reduce the IT staff and lower IT costs by about 30%. Simply put, your developers have more time to innovate because they’re not wasting their time resolving pertinent deployment issues.

Many recognized tools are available in the market for implementing DevOps in Salesforce projects. However, they might not always be the most cost-effective or the best fit for your implementation. We can help build a native DevOps pipeline tailored to your business using GIT and Bitbucket at a fraction of the cost and inclusive of deployment and branching strategy documents along with best practices, which will make the adoption of DevOps within your development teams a breeze.

In addition to code, if you are using any managed packages like CPQ, or nCino with configuration data as records, then the pipeline can easily help deploy your configuration logic as records to the higher environments.